Elwood Glaser is an avid outdoors man with a God given artistic talent.  He has made it his life's work to use this talent to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your everyday life.  Elwood is also a Biblical Christian who supports and is a team member of God's Great Outdoors.

Featuring the work of Elwood F. Glaser, Wildlife Artist

Shoreline sunset painting by Elwood Glaser

Elwood's Taxidermy inc.

Courting Greenwing duck painting by Elwood Glaser
Striper Mural by Elwood's Taxidermy
Painting of a diving laker by Elwood Glaser
Pheasant wall mouth by Elwood's Taxidermy
smallmouth carving by Elwood's Taxidermy

"It is my privilege to assist you with making your thrilling outdoor experiences last a lifetime."



duck decoy carving by Elwood's Taxidermy

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Lake Wales, FL 33898

pheasant scene carving by Elwood's Taxidermy


duck carving by Elwood's Taxidermy

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Painting of a musky by Elwood Glaser
Trout Mural by Elwood's Taxidermy
Elwood Glaser of Elwood's Taxidermy with wall mount of 2 smallmouth bass
Painting of a bluegill by Elwood Glaser
Largemouth bass wall mount by Elwood's Taxidermy

preserving memories since 1975

Courting Hoody duck painting by Elwood Glaser
mallard duck decoy carving by Elwood's Taxidermy
Mallard duck lake landing painting by Elwood Glaser
Courting Bufflehead duck painting by Elwood Glaser